Like many musicians and turntable artists, Kwest_on (also known as “?”) was inspired by various musicians and styles of music throughout his life. Most influential to his DJ career are his 2 cousins, Tim Harper and Phat Mike, who have been distinct representatives in the field of DJ’ing.  After watching the movie Juice with his mother, she suggested Kwest_on consider DJ’ing as a hobby, so he contacted Tim to teach him the craft.  Soon after, he began mixing music into compilations for friends.  People quickly acknowledged him as a DJ and regularly requested mix tapes and cd’s, ranging from Hip Hop to various forms of House music.  This lead to Kwest_on becoming one of the most demanded DJ’s for college events throughout Chicago and parts of Illinois.

Kwest_on’s success in the college market catapulted him into the Chicago nightlife, where for years he has offered his artistry and skills to diverse audiences. Unique, eclectic music and atmospheres stimulate and inspire Kwest_on to perfect his craft, expand his repertoire, and challenge his audience- propelling their musical palettes beyond the norm.  In addition to his consistent presence in Chicago’s nightlife, Kwest_on has traveled to many cities to perform as well as working as the opening DJ for various acts including Foreign Exchange, Bilal, Jill Scott, and Run DMC.

He is known for his avant-garde mixing of old school Hip Hop and House with the current, commercial hotness.  Kwest_on’s mastery over the skill of blending supersedes most - allowing for seamless transitions of Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Reggae, Rock, House, Soul, and R&B. In a time when much of what is pushed through the airwaves makes one question the validity of today’s music, the Kwest_on experience allows us to forget our troubles and fall in love with music all over again. He evokes the spirit of the past while offering instruction in the new and unique, uplifting your state of mind along the way. Music heals, rejuvenates, teaches, and inspires. Kwest_on is your conductor.

He is exceptional. He is innovative. He is Hip Hop. He is ALL music. He is YOUR DJ.

He is Kwest_on.




Music is in many ways an outlet for people. It is a way for people to express themselves, communicate with one another, and escape from the world around them. Considering how influential music is, it should be managed carefully.



Social events are great for bringing people together. They allow bonding. Often music is used to set the tone of these gatherings. The vibe and the message of the music typically dictate the mood of the event. Such gatherings should be organized responsibly.



  • To encourage a sense of responsibility in promoting social events and DJ’ing.
  • To expose people to artists with whom they may not be familiar.
  • To provide an experience based on simple, safe enjoyment.
  • To promote diversity and unity.